A Girl Like Me

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With such a fiercely well-received record under your belt, a sophomore album would come as a source of angst for any artist. However, this seems to have proven to be no issue for Rihanna, whose abundance of creative energy resulted in her delivering the follow-up, A Girl Like Me, a mere eight months after her debut initially hit the charts. Including singles 'S.O.S', 'We Ride' and 'Unfaithful', Rihanna continues to pioneer a sound completely her own. Says Rihanna "We were so busy promoting the first album while trying to get this one done, working some crazy hours. That's why this album is so close to me, 'cause I really put my heart and soul into it".

With the theme of the record focusing around Rihanna's own personal progression as a woman, not just as an artist, the title A Girl Like Me seems decidedly apt. Tackling subject areas close to Rihanna's private life, such as her past dabbling in infidelity as documented in 'Unfaithful', A Girl Like Me affords the listener an opportunity to glimpse at Rihanna's soul, as well as revel in her evolving musical style. Although keeping true to the influences prevalent onMusic Of The Sun, Rihanna's own voice and signature sound become slower, more measured, and more refined, whilst still leaving you with an irrepressible urge to dance along


  1. SOS (Album Version)03:58
  2. Kisses Don't Lie (Album Version)03:52
  3. Unfaithful (Album Version)03:46
  4. We Ride (Album Version)03:56
  5. Dem Haters (Album Version)04:17
  6. Final Goodbye (Album Version)03:14
  7. Break It Off (Album Version)03:33
  8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Album Version)03:22
  9. Selfish Girl (Album Version)03:37
  10. P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You) (Album Version)04:09
  11. A Girl Like Me (Album Version)04:15
  12. A Million Miles Away (Album Version)04:09
  13. If It's Lovin' That You Want (Album Version)03:27
  14. Pon De Replay (Album Version)04:06


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